Morning Glory

Family: Convolvulaceae

Facts about Morning Glory:

  • Morning Glory is an annual plant but can be reseeded every year.

  • Sun Exposure: Fully sun

  • Looks Like:

    • The flower’s colour can vary from white, red, blue, yellow and purple.

    • The flowers can change colour through out the day depending on the sun’s position.

    • The flower size can range from 4-8” in diameter and are funnel shaped. Typically, Morning Glory flowers from July-August.

    • This plant grows up to 2 ½ feet high.

BioDiversity Benefits:

  • Morning Glory can attract a variety of pollinators such a bees, moths, hummingbirds, and other insects.

Historical Use:

  • Use for its medicinal properties due to its laxative properties with in the seeds.

  • In ancient Mesoamerican, the competition of natural rubbers and the seeds of Morning Glory can actually vulcanize (harden) rubber.


Morning Glory seeds are known to be poisonous. The toxicity of the seeds are very low and can only harm someone when consumed in great quantities. The seeds’ effects can range from diarrhea to hallucinations. Please do not consume the seeds.


How to plant Morning Glory Seeds Step-by-Step:

  1. Your seeds need to be stratified before planting. Place your seeds on a wet paper towel for 24 hours.

  2. Once your seeds have been stratified, plant the seeds ¼” deep. Seeds should be spaced at 12-18” apart.

    Morning Glory prefers Full Sun and well-drained soil that is not nitrogen rich. However, dry soils are tolerated. 

  3. Once you plant the seeds water the soil to ensure that the seeds will get enough water to grow.

  4. Since this plant is a climbing plant, make sure that the vines will be supported when it begins to climb.

A trellis can be used to support climbing plants like Morning Glory.