Latin Name: Symphytum officinale

Facts about Comfrey:

  • Prefers partial shade and well drained soil. Comfrey is frost a tolerant plant.

  • Plant Comfrey indoors first and then transplant them in the spring as that is when new growth emerges.

  • Prefers partial shade/full sun. Grows up to 2 1/2 feet tall. Blooms during the spring. 1 plant can spread up to 4 feet wide. 

BioDiversity Benefits:

  • Attracts pollinators as it produces a high amount of nectar. To attract more pollinators, plant near lemon balm.

  • Permaculture favourite for improving soil and attracts many bees.

Historical Use:

  • Used by ancient villages to help mend broken bones, heal wounds and internal hemorrhages when diluted and altered.

  • It has been further discovered that this plant has anti-inflammation properties and can heal swellings.

Caution! Comfrey is poisonous to the liver of humans and livestock. Avoid consuming the plant or applying it directly to open wounds..