Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources


Est 1989

Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources is a thriving not-for-profit community based organization committed to protecting the environment and the quality of life in North Halton, Ontario, Canada and beyond.


What we do

POWER’s goal is to educate and inspire individuals, governments, and organizations to make choices that support the integrity of all life and to ensure that the life supporting systems remain intact for generations to come.

When necessary we also advocate and stand up for the rights and well being of the life forms and life supporting systems that we share our home with.

We influence policy, educate around best practices, and restore the landscape.

Our action and areas of influence are shaped by the interests and passions of our members. We also respond to alarm calls and crises.


“The Earth is our home and shares with us what we need to sustain ourselves. Earth is also home to many other life forms and systems. All of which have a right to life and inherent value.”

Chantal Garneau, POWER member



Join us

We work well with other like minded groups and individuals looking to enable and effect positive decisions and action.

Our collective voices and action are needed to ensure not only the survival of our species, but the survival and right to life of all the life forms and systems of our beautiful planet. 

Many are called to join us. Some know what they want to do, others are not as clear. If you feel an urge to help, you are welcome. Just as you are. 

Let’s do this!

If you have a project idea, need support, want to help out, want to connect, or aren’t quite sure please feel welcome to contact us directly at or (905) 873-1821

If you are interested in about getting involved, learn more.

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