Jerusalem Artichoke

Latin Name: Helianthus tuberosus

Facts about Jerusalem Artichoke:

  • Perennial Sunflower native to North America

  • Sun Exposure: Prefers partial shade/full sun.

  • Looks Like:

    • Grows up to 5-10 feet tall and blooms in the fall.

    • The tubers are edible and delicious. They can be cooked like potatoes or eaten raw. Harvesting after the first frost will give a sweeter taste.

  • Since it does spread aggressively, it requires a large space and a forever home.

BioDiversity Benefits:

  • Attracts butterflies and bees as well as beneficial insects and birds.

Historical Use:

  • As stated previously, this plant was used in agriculture since the tubers of the plant are edible.

  • This plant can also be used as a trapping plant for aphids. A trapper plant is a plant used in Integrative Pest Management where a more desirable plant can be used to trap targeted pest.