Latin Name: Filipendula ulmaria

Facts about Meadowsweet:

  • Perennial plant the blooms from June to August.

  • Height: 4 to 7 feet, Spread/Spacing: 4 feet

  • Sun Exposure: Prefers full sun or partial shade

  • Growing Conditions:

    • Grows well in damp ground, able to tolerate soggy soil conditions—soil should be kept consistently moist

  • Sturdy and wind-resistant

Biodiversity Benefits

  • The plant is attractive to species of bees, butterflies and birds.

  • It grows well in wet areas where other plant species do not thrive, including formerly farmed fields and ditches.

Historical Use:

  • Because of its pleasant taste and flavour, meadowsweet has been used as a stewing herb and to flavour beer, wine and vinegars.

  • Meadowsweet can be used for medicinal purposes.

    • The whole plant is used as a traditional remedy for an acidic stomach. It also contains tannins, which may decrease inflammation and mucus.

    • Additionally, it contains the chemicals used to make aspirin.