Latin Name: Viburnum lentago

Facts about Nannyberry:

  • From the Honeysuckle family

  • Shape and Size Small trees or shrubs 4-7m tall

  • Habitat:

    • Roadsides

    • Wood edges

    • Riverbanks

    • Rich and moist soil

  • Looks Like:

    • A hardy and fast growing shrub that is often planted as an ornament because of its fragrant flowers, attractive fruits, and reddish winter twigs.

    • Fruit

      • Bluish-black with a whitish bloom

      • Sweet raisin- or date-like flavor

    • Flowers:

      • Creamy white and pleasant- smelling

BioDiversity Benefits:

  • Provide food for wild turkeys and many song birds.

Historical Use:

  • Fresh of the fruit is edible and can be cooked and seeded to make jam and jellies