Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources


What is BioDiversity?

BioDiversity is a compound word of Biological Diversity. It is an all encompassing term that includes genetics, species, ecosystems, the goods and services it provides as well as the relationship between them.

Scientists have a difficult time measuring biodiversity as it really does mean every living and non-living species on earth in various capacities.


The Convention of Biological Diversity as described in the Sustainability, is a convention set by the United Nations to protect and conserve BioDiversity.

There are topics within BioDiversity that cover a multitude of topics. Different topics include

  • Pollinators

  • Invasive Species (Coming Soon)

  • Genetically Modified Organisms (Coming Soon)

  • Climate Change/Crisis (Coming Soon)

  • Wildlife (Coming Soon)

Click on the topics to explore what each topic is and how it is related to BioDiversity.

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