Refuse Reuse Reduce Recycle


There are many different ways you can refuse, reuse, reduce and recycle at home.

By simply re-purposing old and forgotten items, you can give life to these items. For example, old credit cards can be turned into guitar picks and left over toilet paper rolls can help organize your drawers. If you are creative enough, you can reuse everything!

If you are curious on how to make a reusable bag by refusing to by a new one and recycling an old shirt, below is a list of steps on how you can build a reusable t-shirt bag at home.


No-Sew Shirt Bag

Creating a “No-Sew Shirt Bag” is a fun activity suitable for everyone to enjoy. This bag is perfect to bring everywhere as it stores easily. It is quite durable and is easily clean. The “No-Sew Shirt Bag” is also perfect to bring to the farmers market, carry your books, and what the heck! Even just to keep in your car at all times - you never know when you will need a bag.

By creating this bag, you are reusing and recycling old and forgotten clothing, refusing to buy new and overall reducing your single-use plastic bag intake.

All you will need:

  1. An old shirt

  2. A pair of scissors

  3. Markers (optional for decoration)

By clicking through the slide show below, you can see up close on how exactly the “No-Sew Shirt Bag” is made.