Arrow-Leaved Aster

Latin Name: Symphyotrichum urophyllum

Facts about Arrow-Leaved Aster

  • Perennial that blooms in August till October.

  • Prefers partial sun and can grow from 40 to 100 cm.

  • Present in forest areas or dry open areas of woods.

  • Looks like:

    • Branches sweep upward, close to main stem

    • Leaves are arrow-shaped, without a deep cleft at the base

    • Ray flowers are coloured from white to pale blue

    • Disc florets, with light yellow corollas when young, turn reddish-purple toward maturity

BioDiversity Benefits:

  • Attracts many pollinators, especially butterflies and bees.

  • When burnt, the smoke from the burning Arrow-Leaved Aster to attract deer.

Historical Uses:

  • High prevalence of aster across the continent led to many uses of the plant by Native Americans and early settlers. This Aster is used in many teas.

  • The smoke from burning Arrow-Leaved Aster is also used for medicinal purposes such as treating skin rashes and to help treat mental illnesses.